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We always keep in mind that every case our law firm (APOLO LAWYERS - Solicitors & Litigators) undertakes is not only a job, but also a belief, or a whole life, or a career, or the future of our clients. That makes each of us work so hard to be competent for being professional lawyers. So what is a great lawyer, is it different from a professional lawyer?

We perpetually want to cooperate with lawyers who have good problem-solving skills


Always looking for quailified lawyers to work for our law firm


We sincerely desire to go together with ethical and enthusiastic lawyers

Legal Services

02 07, 2021
If you are in need to divorce with your Vietnamese spouse or you want to divorce quickly but do not have enough time to carry out the procedures as well as come to the Competent Court and do not know how to divorce in Vietnam. The following article may he
10 05, 2021
Vietnam’s Law on Commerce allows certain foreign business entities to establish two other forms of presence in Vietnam: a branch or a representative office. Both must be licensed by the competent authorities.
26 05, 2022
Tax complaint is not easy. Therefore, in order to help taxpayers ensure their legitimate rights and interests, Apolo Lawyers (Tel: (028) 66.701.709) provides our clients with the legal consultation service on procedures for tax complaints in Vietnam.

Legal Articles

26 05, 2022
In the dynamic realm of commerce, the process of business consolidation stands as a strategic maneuver pivotal to growth and adaptation within evolving markets.
26 05, 2022
In the realm of corporate law, the process of converting companies stands as a pivotal mechanism for businesses to adapt, grow, or restructure their entities in response to evolving market dynamics.
26 05, 2022
In the global economy, international investment activities have become increasingly prevalent, presenting both opportunities and challenges for businesses.


20 10, 2023
To meet the needs of resolving consulting and litigation files for customers, in October 2023, Apolo Lawyers needs to recruit 01 Legal Specialist/Attorney Assistant.
03 09, 2019
In order to meet the needs of settling complaints and administrative procedures related to land disputes when land is acquired, supporting compensation and resettlement. In August-September 2019, Apolo Lawyers needs to recruit 02 paralegals.
12 08, 2019
In order to meet the needs of handling procedural records in civil, commercial and criminal cases for customers, in August-September 2019, Apolo Lawyers needs to recruit 02 Litigation Attorneys.

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We are a law firm based activities take the prestige, a sense of responsibility to do first. Our lawyers are who have high professional qualifications, long-term practice experience, working conscientiously, enthusiastically and effectively. We always provide professional legal services with outstanding quality. Customer information is absolutely condidential. The important thing that brings success to us is that we always give our customers the best peace of mind and benefits in each case..

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