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Guide to get married in Vietnam
Legal Articles Quỳnh Lê 30/10/2020
In many places, getting married is as easy as making the decision, showing up at a government office, saying a few words, and signing a few papers. Vietnam is not one of those places.
How to file a lawsuit complaint in Vietnam
Legal Articles Quỳnh Lê 03/08/2020
In order to resolve a dispute in Vietnamese court, it shall start with the process of filing a lawsuit. Let Apolo Lawyers guide you through such step in court.
Obtaining temporary resident card for foreigners in Vietnam
Legal Articles Khoa Nguyễn 31/03/2020
For foreigners wishing to reside in Vietnam, they must belong to the subjects to be granted temporary residence card.
Procedures for foreign investment in Vietnam
Legal Articles Khoa Nguyễn 19/03/2020
Vietnam has recently become a potential market for foreign investors. Apart from preparing a good business strategy, to be able to carry on occupations in Vietnam, foreign investors also need to know how to carry out the procedures to make investment in V
Initial Public Offering (IPO) in Vietnam
Legal Articles Khoa Nguyễn 06/03/2020
"Initial public offering" or IPO means that the company is offering its shares for sale to the public for the first time. In a sense, the company is giving up ownership of the company to the public, in return for access to cash. It helps the company rais
Professional lawyer according to principle of Apolo Lawyers
Legal Articles Khoa Nguyễn 23/09/2019
We always keep in mind that every case our law firm undertakes is not only a job, but also a belief, or a whole life, or a career, or the future of our clients.
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