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Apolo Lawyers is proud of new achievements of Lawyer Vo Thien Hien

The development of each individual in the team is always a key factor in Apolo Lawyers’ development. Because, when an individual grows up, the collective will be stronger and have more resources to provide legal services to clients better and better.

New achievement

iLAW is the first Lawyer Search Portal in Vietnam, cooperating with +5,000 reputable lawyers nationwide. And, at the end of 2020, after a productive year, Lawyer Hien Vo was honoured to be granted a certificate of excellence by iLAW. Accordingly, Lawyer Vo Thien Hien (Mr. Henry) is chosen the very best Lawyer by thousand of iLAW clients. This is a worthy result for the trust a from clients as well as the dedication of Mr. Vo Thien Hien.

To know more about Lawyer Vo Thien Hien (Mr. Henry)

He is the founder as well as the managing partner of Apolo Lawyers. He gained more than 15-year experiences in legal services involving disputes over:

     + Contract

     + Merger & acquisition (M&A)

     + Commercial business

     + Foreign divorce

     + Foreign investment in Vietnam

The client that Lawyer Vo Thien Hien served legal services: Kyoei Steel (Japan), Auchan (French), Raffles (Singapore), NMY, Ursin, K&D Seoul, Coco BeachCamp, Marone, Martwo etc

Lawyer Vo Thien Hien (Mr. Henry) in Apolo Lawyers office

Lawyer Vo Thien Hien (Mr. Henry) in Apolo Lawyers office

Apolo Lawyers is proud of new achievements of Lawyer Vo Thien Hien. This will be the driving force for us to develop and provide more complete legal services to all types of clients. It is promised that in 2021, we will have more recorded breakthroughs.

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