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Legal services for foreigners in Vietnam

Nowadays, Vietnam has become the most attractive one for both domestic and foreigners. When doing business or living in Vietnam in general and in Ho Chi Minh City in particular, it is significant that you could receive legal advice from a trusted law firm in Ho Chi Minh so that your business investment or trading or civil transaction is lawful. The law is part of your daily life and lawyers are trained to guide you through the legal process. Apolo Lawyers, a Vietnamese law firm in Ho Chi Minh city, could provide full legal services to clients.

This article with purpose is to provide information regarding legal services in Vietnam in general. 

1/ Who are our clients?

  • Clients doing business or working in Ho Chi Minh or surrounding provinces like Dong Nai, Binh Duong and others provinces;
  • Clients living in Vietnam who need to resolve legal issues regarding to divorce, get married in Vietnam as well as register another licence.

​​Legal services for foreigners in Vietnam

It is always advisable to at least have a lawyer look through your agreement in an uncontested divorce to make sure that your rights and interests are protected. A lawyer can also make sure that your agreement is likely to be accepted by the court, and that you are not overlooking any important issues that could arise down the road. In Vietnam, although the law allows for authorization for a lot of work, for marriages and divorces the law is much stricter. Typically, in some legal issues like:

Business Issues

Whether that is business formation, writing contracts for business to business relationships or business to consumer relationships.

A business owner may also need to hire litigators to dispute contracts between businesses or between businesses and consumers. The third most common reason people hire an attorney is for family law issues. The most common need for this type of lawyer would be divorce.

Family Issues

Sometimes after a divorce, the need arises for modification of the original divorce decree. These types of changes might include visitation rights, child custody, the collection of child support, spousal support or division of property. A crime has not been committed but rather an accident or negligence has occurred.  These are the type of cases that we handle at Apolo Lawyers.

One person hurts another in Vietnam

In the event of most accidents, people do not hurt each other on purpose and so it is not a crime.  Jail time is not a punishment for an accident.

3/ Which services do Apolo Lawyers provide?

As a full-service law firm in Ho Chi Minh, we could provide all in one legal services to our clients, including:

Legal services for foreigners in Vietnam
4/ Contact methods

How to find a lawyer

There are some things to consider when choosing a lawyer. You are choosing someone to help you with your legal problem and to be your advocate until the dispute is settled, so look for a lawyer who:

  • has good communication skills;
  • explains the law to you;
  • has been recommended by someone you trust; and
  • has experience with the type of legal problem you have.

We understand that this is a difficult time for you. Tough times require a strong advocate on your side. Please feel free to contact us:

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