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07 Cases in which The Court returns a civil lawsuit petition
Legal Articles Phương Dung 29/05/2024
Filing a civil lawsuit petition is a crucial step for individuals seeking legal redress for grievances or disputes. However, not all petitions make it past the initial submission stage. Courts have stringent requirements and procedural rules that must be
Recruitment of employees: Ensure compliance with legal regulations.
Legal Articles Phương Dung 28/05/2024
On the developmental path of an enterprise, the process of labor recruitment and management of employees are two extremely important stages. For each enterprise, conducting labor recruitment and employee management in a legal and equitable manner is not o
De Facto Marriage in Vietnam: Legal Regulations and Practical Implications
Legal Articles Phương Dung 22/05/2024
This article explores the concept of de facto marriage in Vietnam, where couples live together as husband and wife without official registration.
Discussing Silence in Contract Formation
Legal Articles Phương Dung 20/05/2024
A significant portion of the discussion addresses the complex issue of whether silence can be interpreted as acceptance of contract terms.
Can pregnant women have their prison sentence postponed?
Legal Articles Phương Dung 16/05/2024
Postponing prison sentences under Vietnamese criminal law is a humanitarian measure, applied in special cases to protect the rights of convicted people and their families.
Can adopted children inherit their adoptive the property of parents?
Legal Articles Administrator 08/05/2024
ne of the outstanding issues that cannot be ignored is whether adopted children can inherit their adoptive property parents or not?
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