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Patent registration procedure in Vietnam
Legal Articles Thảo Trần 19/03/2022
Patent, an exclusive right granted for an invention, is the legal protection for inventions. Through this article, Apolo Lawyers (Tel: (028) 66.701.709) would like to give some information on how to apply Patent Registration in Vietnam.
Unilateral divorce for marriage in Vietnam
Legal Articles Quỳnh Lê 04/10/2021
To get the agreement between husband and wife related to divorce, sometimes, it is so difficult. As a Vietnamese seeking to divorce a foreigner, takes a lot of time as it involves a lot of complex process.
Legal services for foreigners in Vietnam
Legal Articles Trâm Nguyễn 29/09/2021
Nowadays, Vietnam has become the most attractive one for both domestic and foreigners. When doing business or living in Vietnam in general and in Ho Chi Minh City in particular, it is significant that you could receive legal advice from a trusted law firm
Consensual divorce for marriage in Vietnam
Legal Articles Quỳnh Lê 26/09/2021
The consensual divorce is usually the best approach because it doesn’t take a lot of time and couples do not have to file a petition at the court. However, we take note that when a Vietnamese is divorcing a foreigner it becomes a very complex process.
Apolo Lawyers is proud of new achievements of Lawyer Vo Thien Hien
Legal Articles Quỳnh Lê 20/01/2021
Apolo Lawyers is proud of new achievements of Lawyer Hien Vo. This will be the driving force for us to develop and provide more complete legal services to all types of clients.
Guide to get married in Vietnam
Legal Articles Quỳnh Lê 30/10/2020
In many places, getting married is as easy as making the decision, showing up at a government office, saying a few words, and signing a few papers. Vietnam is not one of those places.
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