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Compensation for Non-Contractual Damages
Legal Articles Phương Dung 06/05/2024
Compensation for non-contractual damages is a type of civil liability according to the provisions of the 2015 civil law, of the party at fault causing harm to life, health and other legitimate rights and interests of individuals.
Legal Landscape of Business Consolidation
Legal Articles Diễm Nguyễn 11/12/2023
In the dynamic realm of commerce, the process of business consolidation stands as a strategic maneuver pivotal to growth and adaptation within evolving markets.
Legal Framework for Company Conversions
Legal Articles Diễm Nguyễn 11/12/2023
In the realm of corporate law, the process of converting companies stands as a pivotal mechanism for businesses to adapt, grow, or restructure their entities in response to evolving market dynamics.
The Role of Legal Consultation in Foreign Investment Activities
Legal Articles Diễm Nguyễn 04/12/2023
In the global economy, international investment activities have become increasingly prevalent, presenting both opportunities and challenges for businesses.
Understanding Legal Regulations on Business Entity Separation
Legal Articles Diễm Nguyễn 04/12/2023
In the realm of corporate operations, the separation of business entities stands as a pivotal practice governed by intricate legal frameworks.
International Investment Dispute Resolution Services by Legal Experts
Legal Articles Diễm Nguyễn 28/11/2023
In the global business landscape, international investment is pivotal for economic growth and development. However, with increased cross-border investments come complexities and challenges, often leading to disputes between parties involved.
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