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Contract Negotiation

A contract negotiation lawyer refers to an attorney who specializes in helping individuals or organizations that are entering into contracts negotiate for more favorable terms. It is very important to negotiate a contract before signing it because you will be legally bound to the contractual terms once the agreement is established. A contract negotiation lawyer can assist you in identifying the risks involved in a contract and provide advice on how to secure the best deal possible.

What is contract negotiation?

Contract negotiation involves two or more parties discussing the terms of a contract to come to an agreement before signing and making it official. During the contract negotiation process, all parties will assess their responsibilities, rewards they can expect from entering into the contract, and any risks they assume. The goal of contract negotiation is for all parties to feel comfortable with the details of the contract.

What can Apolo Lawyers help you?

 -   Point out risks involved and recommend a course of action, however the client have to make the final decision;

 -   Negotiate the contract with the other party according to the client final decision;

 -   After negotiation, make the desired changes to the contract and/ or review the changes, identify any new risks, and provide advice for the client

The contract may be bounced back and forth between you and the other party several times to hammer out the finer points. The lawyers may have to make one or two phone calls to complete the negotiation process.

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