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Contract review

Conducting a contract review is a key part of the contracting process, and serves as an opportunity to fully understand everything you and your business are agreeing to before putting pen to paper. A contract review helps you reduce organizational risks and increases the likelihood that an agreement will make a positive business impact for all parties involved. Without a comprehensive contract review, you run the risk of committing to obligations that you can’t fulfill, damaging your company’s brand and reputation, and wasting valuable time and financial resources resolving disputes that could have been prevented.

What is a Contract Review?

A contract review is a thorough examination of a legal agreement before it is signed to ensure that everything stated in the document is clear and accurate, and that your company is comfortable moving forward according to the terms of the agreement. After the agreement is signed initially, contract reviews are also important leading up to specific contracting events, such as re-negotiation or opt-out windows. A contract review is typically your last opportunity to identify and request needed changes before getting locked into an agreement.

What can Apolo Lawyers help you?

-  Review your document;

-  Point out what needs to be fixed in your contract;

-  Answer any questions that you may have about it;

-  Inform you if you need to pay special attention to an issue;

-  Provide you with a version of your contract that you can submit to the other party for review, edit your agreement, and review those edits with you;

-  Submit a “redlined” document to the other signatory party and negotiate all the changes on your behalf.

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