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Establish Representative Office in Vietnam

Representative Office (RO) offers a low-cost entry for companies seeking to gain a better understanding of the Vietnamese market. As such, this option is among the most common for first-time entrants to the Vietnamese market and often precedes a larger presence within the country.

Being different with investment in Vietnam via establishment of business organization, Representative Office (short as “RO”) is permitted to engage in the following activities: conductich market research, acting as a liaison office for its parent company, promoting the activities of its head office through meetings, and other activities, that leads to business at later stages. RO is dependent on their parent company and is not allowed to generate its own profits or enter directly into contracts. It is also not allowed to issue invoices.

Pre-licensing checklist for setting up a RO:

  • A written request for setting up a RO;
  • Appointment letter of Chief of RO with identification documents;
  • Power of attorney in favor of consultant to submit the application dossier;
  • Certificate of Incorporation for the Company and/or Business Registration Certificate of the Company;
  • Audited financial report of the company for the latest fiscal year;
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) of leasing office or leasing contract;
  • Documents providing legal rights of landlord regarding the right of leasing office.

The headquarter needs to submit an application dossier to the Industry and Trade Department of the province (short as the “DOIT”) where the RO is located.

In theory, the DOIT would issue the Representative Office Registration License within 07 days from the date of its receipt of the ‘complete’ RO establishment application dossier though the actual process may take a bit longer (e.g. – up to one month).

An RO license is valid for five years but can be extended for another five years.

The Apolo Lawyers is a domestic law firm which is totally familiar with carrying out the procedure and corporating with the state agency. In addition, Apolo Lawyers also offers advice not only on the RO registration services, but also on other corporate services, tax and associated regulatory work. Therefore, the client can absolutely trust our services to be able to bring the most satisfactory results in the shortest time.

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