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Legal advice for businesses via email, phone, text

At Apolo Lawyers, we provide regular legal consultancy services for businesses in two main forms: Indirect legal advice via email, phone, text or nominating a lawyer to provide legal advice and handling work directly at the client corporate headquarters.

For this article, we only refer to regular legal consultancy services for businesses through indirect forms by issuing legal advice documents, legal opinions. This is a standard and inexpensive form of legal advice such as asking us to appoint a lawyer to provide legal advice and handle legal-related work at the company headquarters. When choosing this type of consultation, we will sign with the client a legal service contract for regular consulting, depending on the service package, the contract will specify the number of hours we must consultation in a month. This form of consultation contract required for a minimum of 03 months. In case of urgent information to negotiate a contract, to handle the work, we can give legal advice to customers via phone or email.

1. Advisory areas

Our legal consultancy work as a lawyer will guide, give legal opinions, help clients draft documents, papers, and answer related laws based on the provisions of current law, helping customers exercise and protect their legitimate rights and interests. Specifically in our expertise:


  • Commodity trading contracts
  • Service contract
  • Labor contract
  • Contract of business cooperation


  •  Control and secure business information
  •  Process of labor discipline
  •  Dismissal and termination of labor contract
  • Labor case. 


  • Enterprise registration certificate (ERC)
  • Changes in business registration content
  • Document of establishing branch or representative office
  • Decision to transfer, promote, discipline, dismiss employees

d.Dispute resolution:

  • Disputes between employers and employees
  • Disputes between businesses and partners

2. Processing order

Order of receiving requests and returning consultancy results to customers:

Step 1: The customer sends a consulting request to APOLO LAWYERS

  •  Form: Customers can send legal advice by phone, email, text to the Company
  • Content: In order to make the consultation more accurate and effective, when sending a request for advice, please provide additional related documents and documents (if any) and choose the form of exchange, receive consultation results from Apolo Lawyers.

Step 2: Receive the request

  • After receiving the request from the customer, Apolo Lawyers will send a confirmation message to the customer to confirm the request as well as relevant information.
  •  Apolo Lawyers will review, evaluate and send consultation results to customers quickly.

Step 3: Return consulting results

  • Based on the customer choice in the form of receiving the results of the consultation, Apolo Lawyers will quickly answer the questions, advice on how to handle the law to customers via phone, email or in the form of a document.

With our trademark ability, we can give corporate management a competitive edge by delivering highly responsive advice and cost-effective handling approaches. The law firm will be the unit responsible for the matter that has been consulted.

Please provide the information that needs advisory, we will provide the most accurate, fast and effective consultation of legal documents. Customers wishing to use our legal services, please contact us - APOLO LAWYERS Law Firm.

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