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Renew of investment license

For foreign-invested enterprises, when being granted investment license, the project duration shall be fixed by a certain time point from the date the certificate is granted. Therefore, when the project operation duration recorded in the investment registration certificate expires, the enterprise should carry out the procedure for renewing the investment license.

A dossier for requirement for renew of investment license:

- Application for renewal Investment license.

- 02 notatized copy of Investment Registration Certificate or Business Registration Certificate;

- 02 notatized copy of tax code for enterprises which have not issued the Business Registration Certificate;

- Report on the implementation of the investment project until the time of renewal of the Investment Registration Certificate or investment project;

- Monthly, quarterly and annual reports submitted to the Department of Planning and Investment or Management Boards of industrial park and export-processing zones;

- 01 notarized copy of the lastest financial report;

Proposed investment project: office area, email, telephone number of investor, company in Viet Nam, total employees, Vietnamese employees, foreign employees;

A notarized passport or confirmation of residence of the legal representative;

- Legal documents related to the head office and the location of the project. Specifically, lease contract and land documents. Construction decision;

A notarized of the business license (if the company conducts commercial activities);

Procedures for renewal Investment Registration Certificate

Number of documents:

The enterprise prepares 02 documents in accordance with the above items;

Form of documents:

In Vietnamese or Vietnamese and English (documents in foreign languages must be translated into Vietnamese and notarized)

Authority receiving document:

The Department of Planning and Investment: for enterprises have head office and location to carry out the project outside industrial park;

Management Boards of the industrial park and export-processing zone: for enterprises have head office and location to carry out the project inside industrial park;


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