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Legal advices on drafting the sale contracts in Vietnam
Legal Articles Trâm Nguyễn 07/05/2021
Trading is a common commercial activity in which the seller is obliged to deliver, transfer ownership of the goods to the buyer and receive payment; the buyer is obliged to pay the seller, receive and own the goods as agreed. International law and Vietnam
Draft and review the contract
Legal Articles Khoa Nguyễn 20/02/2020
Contract plays an important roles in business transaction. Written contract provide individuals and businesses a legal document reflecting agreement, expectation and mechanism to resolve potential disagreement or disputes. Therfore, it is really important
Legal advice for the breach of contract
Legal Articles Thủy Lê 08/09/2019
Breach of contract is so common on business world and finding the legal advice from the lawyers is necessary.
Contract Negotiation
Legal Articles Thủy Lê 08/09/2019
A contract negotiation lawyer can assist you in identifying the risks involved in a contract and provide advice on how to secure the best deal possible.
Contract review
Legal Articles Thủy Lê 08/09/2019
Without a comprehensive contract review, you run the risk of committing to obligations that you can’t fulfill, damaging your company’s brand and reputation, and wasting valuable time and financial resources resolving disputes that could have been prevente
Contract Draft
Legal Articles Thủy Lê 08/09/2019
Contracts may be drafted by anyone, but an attorney is often needed in order to create a reliable and secure contract, especially for more complex contracts.
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