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Procedure for barcode registration in Vietnam
Legal Articles Nhàn Nguyễn 17/06/2022
Apolo Lawyers (Tel: (+84) 903.419.479)) provides the legal consultation service on barcode registration for goods in Vietnam, which helps you to complete the procedure for barcode registration for goods fastly and efficiently.
Register commercial franchise in Vietnam
Legal Articles Nhàn Nguyễn 26/05/2022
The commercial franchise is one of the important business forms in Vietnam. However, it is not easy to get into a commercial franchise. Therefore, Apolo Lawyers (Tel: (+8428) 66.701.709) offers our clients a service register commercial franchise in Vietna
Patent registration in Viet Nam
Legal Articles Nhàn Nguyễn 24/05/2022
the protection of intellectual property right in general and the protection of the patent, in particular, is more focused on. Clients who have problems with patent registration in Viet Nam, do not hesitate to contact Apolo Lawyers (Tel: (028) 66.701.709).
Conditions for the protection of industrial designs
Legal Articles Nhàn Nguyễn 16/05/2022
Not every industrial design is eligible for protection, there are some conditions for yours to be protected. Let Apolo Lawyers (Tel: (028) 66.701.709) provide you the information about the conditions for the protection of industrial design.
The dispute settlement of intellectual property
Legal Articles Nhàn Nguyễn 12/05/2022
The dispute relating to intellectual property is one of the most difficult disputes to settle. To help our clients troubleshoot the problem, Apolo Lawyers (Tel: (028) 66.701.709) provides legal service for the dispute settlement of intellectual property.
Procedures for acquiring Trademark Registration Certificates
Legal Articles Khoa Nguyễn 19/03/2020
Trademark protection in Vietnam is initially obtained through trademark registration. Trademark is a sign that helps distinguish the goods or services of one enterprise from those of others.
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