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Legal advice on Foreign Direct Investment in Vietnam
Legal Articles Trâm Nguyễn 14/05/2021
Foreign direct investment ( “FDI” ) in one country is an Investor from another country, bringing capital into the country, investment to acquire ownership or control over an economic entity in that country.
New changes in enterprise laws and M&A transactions in Vietnam
Legal Articles Trâm Nguyễn 14/05/2021
The National Assembly in Vietnam passed the Law on Enterprises and the Law on Investment and both of these Laws take effect on January 1, 2021. Therefore, it makes doing business in Vietnam become more difficult than before.
Legal advice on capital contribution, purchasing shares for foreign investors
Legal Articles Trâm Nguyễn 10/05/2021
Nowadays, Vietnam is on the way to expanding its developed market, which has attracted investors from countries all over the world. Many foreign investors have chosen to invest in capital contribution, purchasing shares to the company with 100% Vietnam ca
Establish representative offices or branches of foreign companies in Vietnam
Legal Articles Trâm Nguyễn 10/05/2021
Vietnam’s Law on Commerce allows certain foreign business entities to establish two other forms of presence in Vietnam: a branch or a representative office. Both must be licensed by the competent authorities.
Apply for certificate of hygiene and food safety
Legal Articles Trâm Nguyễn 07/05/2021
Several companies are looking to invest in the food industry by importing and manufacturing food in Vietnam, mainly for commercial purposes.
How to apply for the Enterprise Registration Certificate in Vietnam
Legal Articles Quỳnh Lê 15/04/2021
Vietnam is known as an attractive investment destination for foreign investors. In recent years, the Government is continuing commitment to encouraging investment and integrating Vietnam into the international market. However, the legal landscape for doin
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