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Registration of change of land
Legal Articles Nhàn Nguyễn 04/05/2022
Registration of change of land is a complicated procedure and regulated by many legal documents. To help customers to register for a change of land quickly, Apolo Lawyers (Tel: (028) 66.701.709) provides service registration of change of land services.
Briefing on regulations regarding real estate purchase in Vietnam
Legal Articles Trâm Nguyễn 16/07/2021
Real estate in Vietnam means the assets on the land (eg, trees, crops and any structures thereon) and the land use rights over the land. Therefore, legal ownership in real estate includes ownership over the tangible assets and the land use rights, and own
How to buy real estate in Vietnam?
Legal Articles Trâm Nguyễn 09/07/2021
Nowadays, Vietnam is one of the most interesting places for real estate investments in Asia. Vietnam opened to foreign investors as late as 2015. Since then, the country has welcomed everything from corporations, property buyers, and stock investors, eage
Can foreigner buy house in Vietnam
Legal Articles Quỳnh Lê 08/10/2020
Foreigners are allowed to buy houses in Vietnam, but certain conditions must be met to buy houses. Below is the article on conditions for foreigners to buy houses in Vietnam.
Complaints related to land and houses
Legal Articles Khoa Nguyễn 25/03/2020
Land users use shall request competent agencies, organizations, and individuals to reconsider administrative decisions and administrative acts on land management.
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