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Procedure for tax complaints in Vietnam
Legal Articles Nhàn Nguyễn 26/05/2022
Tax complaint is not easy. Therefore, in order to help taxpayers ensure their legitimate rights and interests, Apolo Lawyers (Tel: (028) 66.701.709) provides our clients with the legal consultation service on procedures for tax complaints in Vietnam.
Personal Income Tax for foreigners working in Vietnam
Legal Articles Trâm Nguyễn 10/05/2021
Foreigners working in Vietnam have clearly rights and responsibilities and especially with understanding of Personal Income Tax (PIT). Identifying PIT which can help individuals to optimize with their taxes as well as give employers to identify more compe
Tax inspection in Vietnam
Legal Articles Quỳnh Lê 01/12/2020
Tax inspection activities is implemented by the Tax Authorities. The inspections were performed on a large scale and focused more on enterprises posing high tax risks; those which have not been subject to tax inspection for many years; have incurred conse
Foreign Contractor Tax Vietnam: How to Calculate It
Legal Articles Khoa Nguyễn 24/02/2020
Together with the increment of foreign direct investment capital in Vietnam and cross-border transactions of selling goods and providing services by foreign suppliers to Vietnamese buyers, the concerns regarding the Foreign Contractor Tax and the control
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