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Legal translation services

Proud to have a team of good and experienced personnel, not only professionally but also linguistically, Apolo Lawyers Law Firm ensures that translations of legal documents and documents issued are always carefully selected and tested. Whether it is a simple project or a large-volume bilingual project, bank on us for our expertise.

Foreign legal documents and text are often written in specialized terms, requiring translators not only with abundant professional terminology but also with deep legal knowledge. Aside from the language barriers, the differences in legal systems make legal translation very complex. Mistakes, ambiguity or misinterpretation, no matter how small, have no place in legal translation because the translated document can become void.

Professional legal translations can make a difference in preventing future legal situations and can ensure accurate legal meanings as explained by the judicial system.

Our years of experience with legal specialize will bring you best-in-class English to Vietnamese Legal Translation Services at a worthwhile rate. Our translators have worked with different types of content:

  • Legislation;
  • Contract;
  • Agreement, commitment;
  • Litigation files at the Civil, Criminal, Commercial Court, ...
  • Dispute files at the International Arbitration Center
  • Registration documents, licenses of all kinds;
  • Patent and trademark records;
  • Court records and testimonies;
  • Documents related to finance, tax: Financial statements, tax documents, bank documents, customs, ...

We provide text and legal document translation services based on the transfer between popular languages such as English, French, Vietnamese, Chinese and Korean.

Please provide the documents and languages that need translation, we will provide the most accurate, fast and effective translation of text and legal documents. Customers wishing to try our legal services, please contact us - APOLO LAWYERS Law Firm.

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