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Shipping and Maritime Lawyer in Vietnam

With the development of the market economy, the trading and transportation of goods by sea plays an important role in the economic development of each country today. However, ship has to move in many different countries, legal risks are inevitable. That is the reason why organizations and individuals doing business related to maritime are advised to hire lawyers specializing in maritime.

What services do we offer?

Our qualified lawyers are experienced in the following maritime matters:

  • Drafting Maritime Contracts, reviewing of investments and providing legal assistance.
  • Drafting contracts for the sale, purchase, and building of vessels.
  • Marine insurance.
  • Issues arising out of maritime pollution.
  • Ship arrest before or after applying for a case.
  • Appeal against seizure of a vessel and its release.

How do we perform the service?

  • Representing shipowner civil liability insurance associations, representing insurance companies and shipowners in accident-related matters;
  • Representing the consignee, the cargo insurer and other parties with interests in the cargo in collisions, consulting on claims from non-cargo and cargo ships;
  • Participating in dealing with human damage and injury or damage to oil storage structures, oil / gas ports, drilling rigs and offshore structures ... etc;
  • Participating in resolving marine disputes at all levels of the judicial system.

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Apolo Lawyers is welcomed to help the client to deal with Maritime Dispute. By our team of experienced lawyers, we believe that our clients will be satisfied with the quality of our Maritime Lawyer Service in Vietnam. For further information, please contact:

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